About Brooker Bird

Henrietta Bird SEO Copywriter

Who I am

Brooker Bird is a Melbourne-based copywriting service and marketing consultancy run by me, Henrietta.

Brooker was my maiden name, Bird is my married name, and I used to run a marketing & PR consultancy in the UK pre-kids called Brooker Bird Marketing. I decided to keep the name because, well, I like it. 

Brooker Bird helps small businesses and marketing teams grow their audience and reputations with fresh ideas and simple strategies.

I cut through the jargon to simply deliver what your customers are looking for, and to grow your business.

Writing words, planning marketing actions and delivering in a simple, clear way.

No fuss.

Why I’m different

I’m a qualified SEO copywriter and small business marketing consultant in Melbourne who loves to cut through the marketing waffle.

I thrive on helping business owners take a hard look at themselves and how they are seen.

So, I can craft your brand, identify your target audiences, help you understand how customers see and could see you. and then write copy, create websites, appeal to Google and produce the parts to make all the magic happen.

But why should you believe me?

How can I help you, and your business?

Experienced: I’ve worked in marketing and advertising for over twenty years, from big brands such as Tourism Australia, Coca-Cola and Accenture to small luxury brands like hotels, restaurants and family-owned local businesses and start-ups. My LinkedIn profile shows all my experience and background.

I’ve written countless copy and planned marketing campaigns for different audiences over many years. You’re in safe hands.

Knowledgeable: I keep up to date with the latest trends, news and updates through marketing communities and training so you benefit. I’m a member of Digital MasterchefsClever Copywriting Community and regularly update my skills with best practices, the latest techniques and courses.

Enthusiastic:  I love helping small businesses grow, it makes me thrive. Cutting through the jargon and coming up with simple, effective marketing solutions and words that work. I keep up to date with all the latest news and tools and bring them to my clients.

Organised: In the 10 years, I’ve run a successful marketing & PR consultancy, lived in 3 countries, had 3 kids and 7 house moves along the way. Need I say more? I love a checklist and a process, but I also crave creativity in crafting words and ideas, which makes me a good copywriter and marketing consultant.

Committed: My clients know I become an industry expert in their field. Being a good copywriter is being a good investigator, and I love exploring new areas and asking you the right questions to open up your business messages.

Open: I’m always happy to chat and bounce around ideas, like where your business could be now and in the future. I’m friendly and professional, and I like to hear business owners talk about themselves, and offer some suggestions along the way.


Clever Copywriting Community
Recipe for SEO Success Badge
Proud AWC graduate

I keep up to date to bring you the highest industry standards, the latest news and the best tools for websites, copy, SEO and UX best practice.

I’m a member of Digital Masterchefs, the Clever Copywriting Community and other marketing and copywriting industry groups. In the UK pre-kids I was a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

If you ever want to talk wine, I also have Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET) Certificates level 2 and 3. Living in Melbourne near the wine regions is living the dream for this Brit.

Next step, coffee expert status. 

Proud AWC graduate
Proud AWC graduate