How I work 

The copywriting process


So every job is different, but this is overall how a copywriting process works. I’m an SEO copywriter, so writing for Google is at the centre of everything I do.

Preparing email sequences, video scripts, brand tone of voice documents or marketing materials follows the same basic process too.



1. Complete the brief

You tell me what you need by filling in the project brief so I know what the job entails. Then we’ll have a chat (around 15mins) to make sure we’re on the same wavelength, and we’re off and running. I’ll go away and produce a detailed project proposal including your quote, timings and T&Cs.

 2. Sign the Proposal

 To kick off, you’ll pay the first invoice (50% of the job total). Payment terms are 7 days. Once paid, your job is ready to kick off.

3. Let’s talk

We’ll talk again, I’ll have done some background research and keywords analysis and will have questions. I need to understand your target audience, marketing objectives and brand personality, and your expectations from the project.

4. Squirrelling time

Time for me to dive into research mode – your business, competitors, target audiences and what they are looking for. Lots of SEO keyword research and analysis going on behind the scenes. This takes a few days.

5. Words!

First draft of copy for your feedback. Exciting! This is just for content purposes, possibly bullet points in parts, just to ensure I’ve got the right information and tone of voice.

Does it feel like you? The type of tone and wording your business projects? At this stage, invoicing for the final 50% of the project fee. Don’t worry, I always include 2 rounds of revisions and a final external proofread to get it right before copyright transfers from me to you and you own the copy.

6. The Final Countdown – second draft

And now, the end is near. You get the final version of copy and give me some glowing words for a testimonial.

7. Goodbye copy

At this stage, I sign off the copy (or marketing plan, tone of voice document or whatever the job involved is) and copyright. Signed, sealed, delivered…it’s yours.