Marketing Support


A marketing all-rounder 

Consider me your outsourced marketing department, here to offer an outside perspective on building your business and taking it forward.

Sometimes it’s hard to do it all. You’re overstretched dealing with your business, and your marketing gets pushed to the side while you concentrate on the day to day.

How about a bit of ad-hoc marketing support from an experienced marketing consultant?


How can I help you, and your business?

I can handle projects, plans, goals and content calendars to set you up.

With a fresh perspective and experienced eye, I can look over your business needs and clarify what you need and how to get there. Easy peasy.

From a comprehensive business plan to social media content calendar, email sequences, tone of voice brand documents or new blog posts, I can take on your marketing side of the business and build it up, as little or as much as you need, fully flexible assistance.

It could be a one-off project support, half day booking or retainer arrangement – whatever works for you.

Let me lighten to load, and take the stress off you.

We can work on projects together, or you can hire my brain for an agreed number of hours, from a 2 hour brainstorming session to an ongoing marketing sidekick role, just contact me to discuss how we can work together.


Let’s get back to basics 

Target audience. Right tone. How to reach them. Brand messages. Content. Action plans.

I can give you as much as you need. Some ideas, a plan, I can continue to run your marketing or give it to you to take over when you’re ready, whatever you want. I’ll walk you through every step and train you up to ensure you’re confident with your plans.

Every project is different, and what you need is unique to you. I’m a safe pair of hands for your marketing messages and digital needs, so let’s talk it through and see what we can come up with.