SEO Website Copywriting


A website to be proud of

Imagine having a website you’re proud of, that reflects your business, that you want to shout out to the world about.

What’s stopping you?

The problem is time, and where to begin.

You know what you want to say, it’s on your to-do list, you’ll get around to writing and launching your new website one day and then your business will be transformed…

Isn’t it time you just ticked this meaty hurdle off your list?

Hand it to an SEO expert who relishes SEO content creation services and will craft a beautiful site worthy of your growing business and one which your users and Google will love.

Outsource so you can concentrate on your business and what you do best.

I have plenty of experience of working out what your business vision is, what makes you different, where you want to go.

I ask the right questions concisely to understand your business straightway, and then I write the copy that conveys your messages.


And what about SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimisation. Which makes your website appealing to the Google gods. There are 3 areas to focus on to climb the search engine rankings:

How the website is built – structure, speed, optimised for mobiles

Backlinks – links to other reputable sites which gives your site trust and authority

Content – SEO copy and content throughout your site appealing to your users and to Google.

How does SEO copywriting work?

SEO copywriting is a specialised way of writing that appeals to humans and google.

I start with keyword research, which involves understanding your audience and what they are searching for.

I choose the best keywords to include in copy and content throughout your site.

I write optimised title tags and meta descriptions that show up on search pages and get people to click through.

I look at your site structure and navigation flow and we tweak as necessary.

I write user-friendly engaging content for your site.


Focused effective SEO content that appeals to Google

Not to blow my own little trumpet, but I know all the SEO copywriting tricks, maximising websites to deliver Search Engine Optimisation (or near the top for Google searches without ad spend).

With a few nifty tweaks, back end changes and focused content, we should get your page rankings to rise and your customers seeing you.

Blog copywriting

So you have your web pages now, and your website is looking and sounding like you. Yay!

But we can’t leave it there, looking pretty, on its own.

You need to show you’re keeping up to date with trends and practices, news and snippets, to show your expertise and authority in your area.

And some keywords that the SEO research uncovered, terms people are searching for but aren’t covered by your web pages?

Here’s where we can cover them off.

Customers crave information these days, and a series of strong blog posts brings more of the right people to your brand.

Content Creation

A brand could have the best product ever invented in the history of the world, but without proper messaging, content and the ability to reach your customer easily, you’ll sink. You need a plan, and you need content. How much is entirely up to you.

Content creation is simply writing the copy you need with the right messages for your target audience, and making sure it’s appealing to Google too. Social media, emails, blogs, web pages, brochures, newsletters – everything that can be used to communicate with your customers.


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